What to do

As a professional who works with an individual or individuals with LD, the most important thing to do is to educate yourself about the challenges and opportunities that present themselves to those with LD. Browse through the following materials in order to assist yourself in getting a better understanding of this condition. (Note that although many of these resources are originally created for teachers, they are still useful for anyone who works with those with LD.)

Resources on AD/HD
AD/HD is a neurological disorder, and can often require special attention from teachers and people who work with those with LD. Download the file

Assistive Technology Resources
Students with LD can benefit from assistive technologies. Download the file for an overview of what assistive technologies are available, and how you can help students integrate these technologies into their scholastic life.

Preparing students with LD for University or College
Post-secondary education is a reasonable goal for students with learning disabilities. With the proper support and help to make healthy and informed choices, these students can have productive and successful scholastic careers. Download the file.

Spotting the Signs
Teachers are often the first to see the signs of learning disabilities – and it’s more than just poor grades. These signs change with growth stages, and are not always as obvious as you might think. Download this file to find out how to see the signs that a child has LD.

How To Help a Student With Literacy Issues
Often it can be difficult to assist a pupil with such a different learning style, in the way that those with LD do. Download this file in order to assist with teaching reading and writing to an individual with LD.

Additional Resources